Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy service consists of either a Standard of Premier Organisational Learning Needs Analysis (Training needs analysis) Whichever package you choose it will highlight areas that need improvement, any gaps in skills and resources and generate suggestions for professional development and training needs within your business across the whole staff team including management. If you have had a recent CQC Inspection we can align the analysis to recommendations in their report too to ensure all avenues are covered and you are compliant (*Premier only) The next steps are up to you, however we highly recommend the Premier Package for Care Providers.

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What is an organisational learning needs analysis?

It is like doing an audit on your learning and development and professional development but across the business as a whole. To do this we will gather information via customer feedback, employee surveys, management and staff observations, company meetings and inspection reports.

Doing an analysis in this depth will assess the current skills of all existing staff within the business including managers.  It will identify the skills required to enable the business to move forward and analyse the gap between the business's current skills and resources and the future needs, ensuring that skills and knowledge gaps are met.

Once we have completed the analysis the business will receive the following:

  • The analysis itself with an accompanying explanation in the form of a report.
  • An Organisational Learning Plan
  • Support, information, advice and guidance regarding accessing government funding.
  • Delivery of or organising of training, qualifications and courses required (as identified in analysis and recommended in Plan)
  • Ongoing support for implementation of the Plan.
The Organisational Learning Needs Analysis will take anything from 2 days – 5 days depending on the size of the business. I will spend this time within the business gathering all the information required and carrying out observations.  The finished report will be ready within 5 days of completion of the visit.

How about we come in and do a FREE analysis for you. This will give your business a good starting point and a better idea as to where you are currently with your learning and development. We can then discuss if you would like to proceed onto a Premier package – the choice is yours

  • Basic Organisational Learning needs analysis
  • Support, information, advice and guidance regarding accessing funding for training and qualifications.
  • Option to upgrade to Premier Package
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